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Theotoky SA

Greece Wine and Olive Oils

Sunday,Jun 24, 2018
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About Us
Welcome to the website of the famous Theotoky Estate situated in the beautiful fertile Ropa Valley sheltered by mountains below which grow the fragrant pine forests, ancient olive groves and verdant vineyards. The 300 acre Estate is famed for its fine wines, organic extra virgin olive oil and mouth-watering olives that are exported across Europe and beyond.

The Tradition.
The Theotoky family is one of the oldest families in Greece and the Estate has been in the Theotoky family for generations. John Theotoky, father of the current owner, George Theotoky, studied at the famous Universität für Bodenkultur (University for Agriculture) in Vienna and was deeply attached to the land. John devoted himself to politics after the tragic death of his brother who, as Minister of War, was executed in 1922 by the opposition, after the loss of the Asia Minor Campaign. He served three times as Minister of Agriculture and in 1950 (as his father had been before him) became Prime Minister of... [More Information]
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